Donehues Leisure Compass Best pool design ideas

Best pool design ideas

For many homeowners, a home should be like a sanctuary. One of the ways to create a safe, peaceful place to relax can be by adding a pool in your home. Once you have made the decision to install a pool, the next steps are to decide what is the best pool design for you.…

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Donehues Leisure Learning more about lap pools

What Are Lap Pools, and Why Are They So Popular?

For families who love outdoor leisure activities as much as we do, there are few other luxuries that can compare to have your own private pool at home. However, as yards in Hamilton, Mount Gambier, and all over Australia tend to be on the smaller side for most homeowners, the issue of space …

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Building infinity pools

Infinity pools: All you need to know about the edgeless pool

Infinity pools are becoming increasingly popular in Australia due to their innovative and stunning design. Here’s everything you need to know about these beautiful pools, and how you can create an infinity pool in your backyard. What is an infinity pool? Infinity swimming pools are the height …

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Selecting swimming pool lights

Types of Pool Lights and Your Lighting Options

Ensuring that your swimming pool and its environment is well lit makes it safer and more attractive. Pool lights also add a dramatic dimension to not only the pool but the surrounding area as well. It makes the pool light up and generates a glow that goes around the whole swimming pool.

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Why select a plunge pool

Things to Know Before You Decide for a Plunge Pool

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley If you’d like to own a swimming pool but aren’t really that interested in swimming and are short on space, then going for a plunge pool should be right up your alley. Plunge pools are extremely popular among …

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Pool Landscaping Considerations

Effective pool landscaping will add value to your home

A private outdoor swimming pool is more than just a fun place to swim and relax; it is also an essential part of living to help avoid the excessive Australian summer heat. Properly supervised, young children can swim in a safer environment than at beaches or waterholes.

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Alternatives to Swim Spas Before You Buy

Alternatives to Swim Spas

Is swim spa the best choice for you and your family? Many Australians now choose to install swim spas in their backyards. These flexible, convenient designs have a variety of benefits for the user – but are they always the most sensible and practical choice looking forward into the future? Here we take a look…

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Donehues Leisure Hamilton and Mt Gambier Swimming Pool Construction Time

How long does it take to build a pool?

One common question we get asked is “how long will it take to build my new pool?” The answer to that question depends on a number of different factors which include the planning process, time of the year, pool type, local consent authority and other contractors. Read on to learn more about pool planning.

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Building quality Compass fibreglass swimming pools in the Greater Hamilton and Mt Gambier regions

Your Hamilton and Mt Gambier pool builder

We are experts in building Compass fibreglass swimming pools in the Great Hamilton (VIC) and Mt Gambier (SA) regions.
Browse our swimming pools. Select from eight different shapes of fibreglass pools on offer. Select a family pool or go for a lap pool. Talk to us about building a perfect swimming pool or a pool & spa combo in your backyard.
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Are you dreaming of a pool but are worried about the time-consuming and expensive maintenance? Stop worrying - our swimming pools equipped with the Vantage self-cleaning system clean themselves. Plus, they are special in many other ways.
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The colour of your pool significantly affects its final looks. Select from luxurious luminous Bi-luminite colours and great looking yet affordable Vivid pool colours. Make your pool look great both by daylight and at night with pool lights on.
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Unique features of Compass fibreglass pools

Learn why Hamilton & Mt Gambier pool owners love Compass Pools

Durable and fantastic looking swimming pools

40 years of innovations of Compass Pools in Australia

Compass fibreglass pools are so different from the other pools available on the market. Manufactured by an innovative Australian company Compass Pools Australia, they combine 40 years of experience in research and development with knowledge and passion for creating the best swimming pools.

We love Compass swimming pools and would recommend these pools to anyone looking at transforming their Hamilton or Mt Gambier backyards.

The ceramic composite technology makes a Compass pool much stronger than an average fibreglass pool. Thanks to the Bi-luminite colour system, these fibreglass pools look stunning, creating a 3D effect in the pool water.

Nonetheless, these swimming pools can literally clean themselves. Thanks to the unique Vantage infloor cleaning system, you’ll be able to own a self-cleaning pool that is healthier to swim in, requires less maintenance and saves you money.

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Years of pool industry experience

Established for more than 50 years in Hamilton Victoria and 25 years in Mt Gambier South Australia, Donehue’s Leisure is your one-stop destination for all of your leisure needs. Explore, swim, relax, fish…enjoy life with Donehue’s!

From our family and architectural homes, stunning swimming pools, landscaping, caravans, marine and spare parts – Donehue’s Builders provides you with everything for your leisure.

We are your Hamilton & Mt Gambier pool experts, providing the most innovative and environmentally friendly swimming pools & spas and equipment for your family. We can even supply you with pools that clean themselves! Imagine the savings in money and time with a virtually maintenance-free swimming pool.

Experienced swimming pool builders

As experienced fibreglass swimming pool installers, we are your local professionals in pool construction and installation. Talk to us about all your Hamilton & Mt Gambier swimming pool needs.

Experienced consultants and administration staff offer reliable service and support and knowledge to help you achieve and exceed your expectations with your new inground swimming pool.

To accompany your swimming pool, we also offer a range of spas, pool blankets and roller systems, solar heating, heat pump units, and water features. Thanks to our great relationship with local tradespeople, we offer the finest quality products available, ensuring your new backyard and swimming pool exceeds your expectations.

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