Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty From Compass Pools Australia

Comprehensive protection of your pool, inside and out

Over the last 35 years we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation in fibreglass composite swimming pools. In the 90’s, Compass pioneered new construction methods, with our patented ceramic core technology and exclusive Bi-luminite™ surface finishes.

More recently, Compass has continued the innovation journey with our patented HydroPro™ hydrostatic relief valve, providing maximum protection against groundwater pressure and extreme storm events.

Also learn more about how intelligent/smart our pools are and what you can expect from smart pools today.

HydroPro valve information

The HydroPro™ relief valve is a standard inclusion in most Compass Ceramic Composite pools manufactured from January 2016.

10 Year Cosmetic Warranty on All Fibreglass Pools

Enhanced cosmetic protection with ArmourShield™ technology

Lifetime Structural Warranty on All Fibreglass Pools

Superior structural performance with CeramicCore™ technology

Lifetime Hydrostatic Guarantee on Fibreglass Pools

Comprehensive hydrostatic protection with our HydroPro™ system

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