Comprehensive swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in the greater Mount Gambier region

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We are your local swimming pool experts, offering pool maintenance including pool cleaning and pool service in the Greater Mount Gambier region. We service swimming pools in townships such as Moorak, Mount Schank, Port Macdonnell, Cape Douglas, Kongorong, Burrungule, German Flat, Glencoe, Koorine, Tarpeena, Kalangadoo, Nangwarry, Strathdownie or Mumbannar.
Our comprehensive swimming pool service includes all range of essential pool maintenance services including pool vacuuming, pool equipment checks and balancing your pool water. Keep your pool sparkling clean!
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If you are unsure about certain parts of maintaining your swimming pool, we'll teach you how to do that. Our team will explain to you how different pool equipment works - everything from emptying baskets, through water balancing to filter backwash.
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Media in your pool filter needs to be replaced every four to five years for optimal performance, as the filtration process causes water channels to form in the filter sand. Why not replace your existing sand with glass media, a more efficient form of filtration.
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Comprehensive swimming pool maintance services

Trust Donehue’s Leisure with the maintenance of your Mt Gambier swimming pool

Checking your pool health

Many factors need to work in harmony for you to achieve clean and healthy pool water. They include the correct water balance, pool sanitation and effective filtration. Is your Mount Gambier swimming pool healthy and ready to swim in? A professional swimming pool health check is a small price to pay to make sure that it is. An experienced Donehue’s Leisure pool technician will conduct a comprehensive check of your pool filtration equipment and perform a full water test. We’ll let you know in case a water treatment is required, we can provide the necessary pool chemicals and do the pool service for you. Please feel free to bring a pool water sample into our store or request a pool maintenance service and we will come to you.

Professional Mt Gambier pool company

As experienced fibreglass Mt Gambier swimming pool installers, we are your local swimming pool professionals.

Experienced consultants and administration staff offer reliable service and support and knowledge to help you achieve and exceed your expectations with your new inground swimming pool.

To accompany your swimming pool, we also offer a range of spas, pool blankets and roller systems, solar heating, heat pump units, paving, water features, and due to our great relationship with local tradespeople in and around Mount Gambier, we offer the finest quality products available, ensuring your new backyard and swimming pool exceed your expectations.

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